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Robert Enrico - Ho ! (1968)

François Holin, known to his friend as Ho, loses his licence as a racing driver after an accident which resulted in the death of his partner. Unemployed, he finds works as a chauffeur for a band of gangsters, hoping that he can keep this from his girlfriend Benedite, a cover girl. In the course of a car robbery which goes horribly wrong, Ho is arrested, but manages to escape. When Benedite hears of this, she walks out on him. Humiliated and embittered by this rejection, Ho decides to become a dangerous gang leader...

Ancien coureur automobile, François Holin est aussi le chauffeur d'une équipe de malfrats qui n'ont pas beaucoup de respect pour lui et le considèrent comme un nul. Alors qu'un jour l'occasion se présente pour lui de diriger une opération, les autres refusent. "Ho" décide d'y aller seul.


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