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Serge Leroy - Attention, les Enfants Regardent aka Attention, the Kids Are Watching (1978)

the AMG clerk wrote :

"This disturbing French drama comments upon the effects of excessive television violence on children. It's set within a seaside villa, where under the care of a nanny, a group of children spend most of their days watching violent television shows. One day they all go to the beach. The nanny dozes while they frolic. For a joke, they load the snoozing servant into a rubber raft and set her out to sea. She panics when she wakes up and ends up drowning. The kids do try to save her, but when they fail they decide to run wild instead of reporting the incident. The death means nothing to them until a threatening stranger appears and tells them he witnessed it all..."

(edited to avoid spoilers)

here is the only imdb comment :

"I just watched this film on tv few hours ago...A typical French thriller, with typical dialogue setting around an interesting story...I watched this just because of Alain Delon's name, but it ended up being a nice thriller after all....Delon was probably at his best looking days...slightly overweighted than his usual thin view, but he had his part very nicely put....I always have a profound respect for French film makers for following their unique code of film making style, which is way out of typical Hollywood cliches....this is one of such won't regret your time... "

(Author: ckiral from Istanbul, Turkey), les enfants regardent (de Serge Leroy avec Alain Delon).avi
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